Data Acquisition

ALware has a lot of experience in the field of both acquiring and sending data via either PC plug-in cards or stand-alone control systems.
For data acquiring we have gained experience with a wide range of sensors that need to be conditioned if necessary. However increasingly, these sensors have integrated intelligence which simplifies the conditioning.

As hardware, measurement cards that fit directly into a PC slot can be used. They can reach acquisition speeds in the MHz area. One can also opt for versatile stand alone measuring systems with or without the use of embedded controllers. These systems are ideal for real-time systems.


Compact DAQ system

CompactDAQ is a cost-effective approach to benchtop measurement. Pair sensor-specific, conditioned I/O modules with software optimized for DAQ applications

CompactDAQ systems collect and deliver the data validation you need to meet test requirements at any distance, in any environment. These portable, customizable solutions, made of data acquisition modules that can synchronize measurements across a network, help you digitize data closer to sensors, minimizing noise and simplifying cabling in the field. 


USB DAQ module

A very useful alternative can be found in USB modules which nowadays can also acquire and send a large number of analogue and / or digital signals at high speeds over the USB bus.


Usually the hardware of National Instruments is used. For simple systems however Beckoff or microcontroller based systems can be used as well. The control software of all systems is usually written in LabVIEW, but in some cases in ‘C’ as well.