Company Profile
Alware laboratory automation is a young company emerged from the need for knowledge, advice and development in the field of data acquisition, motion control and vision applications for both research and development within the business community and knowledge institutions.

The combination of our years of experience in the measurement and control world and the increasing need from the industry to control, refine and analyze more and more processes is the underlying reason for founding Alware. Alware can be your partner in both setting up new measurement systems and in optimizing and analyzing existing production processes.

Setting up new production processes or measuring systems:
New (sub) systems are set up and realized in accordance with the customer. Our policy is to build up systems as much as possible from standard components from reputable suppliers, but sometimes the necessary hardware is developed in-house. The production process to be developed can be either a control or measurement system or a combination of both. The software is generally written in LabVIEW.

Improving and analyzing existing production processes or measuring systems:
As with setting up new measurement systems, improving or replacing existing systems will be done by as many standard components as possible.
In many cases the developed tests or production processes should collect data for analyze purpose. The desired analyzes on products can either been carried out immediately on the spot by Alware or after a number of adjustments and/or extensions in the production process.

Analyzing products:
In this case, data will be collected from (test) measurements systems fitted in or running parallel to an existing production process. With the collected data the desired analyzes on end products or parts thereof can be carried out. It is also possible that existing analyzes are being improved.
The core tasks of Alware can be summarized in giving advice in setting up and realizing the hardware needed for the new systems and providing support by writing the necessary software.
During the development process, we want to guide you at all times and, depending on your needs, familiarize you with the developed hard- and software. In this way you get the opportunity to better understand the process, so that you can realize small or large modifications yourself at a later stage. 

Alware is a serious partner that wants to make you feel confident in the world of measurement and control technology.